jean Jean van Laarhoven is a renowned expert in Permanent Make Up with an extensive and local client base. Jean's background in the beauty industry has been progressive over 20 years specialising both in Pre/Postnatal massage and bridal make up. Her previous company “The Stork Spa” was legendary around London working together with Harley Street Obstetrician Dr Con Kellegher. Jean’s innate passion for customer care and providing the most personalised service is what makes her unique. Her perfectionism in permanent make up is sought after and her masterful work will guarantee the best “you” is conveyed.

What is Permanent Make Up?
Micro pigmentation otherwise known as Permanent Make up is a revolutionary method of placing small amounts of pigment into your skin to enhance your facial features.
Permanent Make up is a non-surgical life changing beauty treatment and welcomes clients from all walks of life.

Why choose Permanent Makeup?
There are many reasons to choose Permanent Make up, the most popular treatments being eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

Private consultation with Jean.
The consultation is the first step to your stunning new look. Jean will work together with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want prior to the procedure.
This includes a thorough discussion in how you want to enhance your look and then applying conventional make up as the template for the micro-pigmentation.
Only when both parties are completely agreed on the design will the treatment commence.

Treatment Prices
Eyebrow - £500
12/18 Month Boost - £300

Eyeliner - £350
12/18 Month Boost - £150

Lip Blush - £550
12/18 Month Boost - £350

Lip Liner - £350
12/18 Month Boost - £150

The Treatments

Permanent Eye-Liner

Applying eyeliner each morning can be both time consuming and frustrating. Whether you suffer with poor sight or.....

Eyebrow Enhancement

Eyebrow enhancement gives expression to your face. This non-surgical procedure adds definition and shape to your.....

Lip Contour

If you want to gain fuller lips and recreate their shape and colour then look no further. By correcting unevenness.....